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Application For Dubuque County Boards, Commissions, Township Trustees and Town Clerks

  1. Dubuque County (PNG)

  2. Application for Dubuque County Board, Commission, Township Trustee, or Township Clerk
  3. Complete this section if applying for a board or commission

    This form assists the Board of Supervisors in evaluating the qualification of applicants for appointment to a board or commissions. 

  4. The following questions will assist the Board of Supervisors in its selection.
  5. Please provide two references who may be contacted on your qualification for this position.
  6. Reference 1
  7. Reference 2
  8. I certify that there is nothing that would prohibit me from serving on this board, commission, or township.
  9. You're application will be retained in our files for one year. This application is a public document and as such can be reproduced and distributed to the public.
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