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Dubuque County Conservation Geocache Policy

  1. Geocaching Placement Permit
    Cache Owner Information
  2. Cache Information
  3. (if approved)
  4. (it will be listed with)
  5. Cache Location
  6. Coordinates
  7. (i.e. in stump, behind large rock)
  8. Geocache Placement Guidelines
    A Geocache Placement Permit must be filed with and approved by Dubuque County Conservation (DCCB) before posting the cache on a geocaching web site. At a minimum, Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines developed by Groundspeak and posted at must be followed when developing a cache. All local and state laws apply. The cache container must be clearly marked on the outside with and the name of the cache. DCCB through its director or designee, reserves the right to terminate this approval for placement of a geocache on DCCB land for any reason at any time. Caches not in compliance with the terms of this permit will be removed from the property and this permit voided for failure to comply. We request that you monitor this cache every two months and you maintain it to be family friendly. This means the cache should contain no food, alcohol, firearms, drugs, dangerous items or adult items. We also request that you direct people seeking your cache to follow established trails most of the way to your cache. We discourage off trail hiking as it negatively impacts the environment. I have read and understand the terms of this permit and agree to comply accordingly. I will retain a copy of this permit for my records.
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