COVID-19 Resources

Pandemic Related Documents

Mona Lisa with a Face MaskDuring this pandemic, take steps to remain safe:

  • Stay home as much as possible including when you’re sick
  • Wash your hands often
  • If unable to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
  • Cover cough/sneezes with elbow or tissue
  • Avoid close contact (within 6 feet)
  • Encourage and/or adopt practices protecting the health of employees, customers, visitors or others
  • Ensure the continuity of business operations
Employee Resources

Retiring Soon?

Cottingham and Butler is offering Dubuque County employees close to retirement a consultation with one of their Medicare specialist.  If you are interested in meeting with them, please fill out the online consent form at the link below to get the process started.

Consent To Contact Form