Sample Ballots

City of Dubuque, Ward 1 Special Election

 Sample Ballots

February 2, 2021


Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19, some polling locations have changed  since the last election.  Precincts and their poll locations for the Special Election are listed below. 

PrecinctSpecial Election Polling Place
Sample Ballot
1st - Rockdale United Methodist
Rockdale United Methodist Church,
1500 Old Mill Rd
Sample Ballot (PDF)
2nd - Theisen’s Home Center
Tri-State Blind,
1068 Cedar Cross Rd
Sample Ballot (PDF)
3rd - Area Residential Care
St. Peter Lutheran Church,
3200 Asbury Rd
Sample Ballot (PDF)
4th - Journey Church (EMA)
Dubuque County Fairgrounds,
14569 Old Highway Rd
Sample Ballot (PDF)
5th - Arbor Oaks Bible Chapel
Summit Congregational Church,                  2885 J.F. Kennedy Rd
Sample Ballot (PDF)