Work Release Inmates

Eligibility & Requirements

The following conditions are determining factors for placement onto the GPS Monitoring Program:

1.         Sentencing judge specifically prohibited

2.         Extensive criminal history

3.         Sexual criminal charges or convictions. If the person is a registered sex offender, the Tier level assigned by the State of Iowa will be taken into consideration

4.         Violent criminal charges or convictions.  Any forcible felony will be an automatic disqualification.

5.         Length of sentence 

6.         Failure to appear or contempt of court charges within 12 months preceding incarceration

7.         Previous abscond, escape, or non-compliance from any work release program

8.         Any interference with official acts of a peace officer that caused injury or any assault on a peace officer within the last 5 years will not be considered

9.         Convictions involving intimidation of a witness or victim.  This will be cause for immediate lack of consideration if out on bond on an active case or there are pending charges.

10.       In-custody interview (untruthfulness regarding ties to the community, employment and/or residence).  If the person is already in-custody and looking to be released to EMS, they shall not have a substantial disciplinary record within the jail 

11.       Residential address must be permanent and within Dubuque County

12.       The offender may not have a history of habitual charges (continued harassment, no-contact order violations, etc.)

13.       Inability to provide a negative UA for drugs during orientation.  An exception to this would be if a person is on a prescribed            medication that would affect a UA per a medical professional.

14.       Money owed to the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office in the form of past room and board.

15.       Employment that requires door to door sales or delivery type of work

16.       An overdue sentencing order in which the offender has made no contact with work release staff to set up their time or has              made contact and has been less than cooperative with reporting.

 17.      Gang affiliation

Helpful Documents

View the Work Release Agreement (PDF)