D.A.R.E. VehicleAbout

D.A.R.E. is an acronym standing for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The program:

  • Started in 1983 as a joint effort of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Came to Iowa in 1987
  • Came to Dubuque County in 1989


The program focuses on decision-making as well as avoiding violence through a structured series of 10 lessons.  It is taught by a trained uniformed officer.  It is presently taught at the 5th/6th grade level. A companion program, Keepin’ it Real, is taught at the 8th-grade level.

A program for Kindergarten through 4th grade that is going to be implemented for the first time in the fall of 2012.


DARE is presently taught at the following Dubuque County Schools:

  • Aquin Catholic School - Cascade
  • Beckman Junior High School - Dyersville
  • Cascade Junior High School
  • Drexler Intermediate/Middle School - Farley
  • Hennessy Catholic Schools - New Vienna/Petersburg
  • LaSalle Catholic Schools - Holy Cross
  • Sageville Elementary School
  • St. Francis Xavier - Dyersville
  • St. Paul Catholic School - Worthington                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

In Dubuque County:

  • Approximately 5,500 students have received the Junior High Curriculum
  • Approximately 7,500 students have received the Core (5th and 6th) Curriculum


Sergeant Dick Cruse and Deputy Sara JenamanRetired Sergeant Dick Cruse

Began his Law Enforcement Career in 1968 and joined the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office October 1, 1971 as a Patrol Deputy. Was promoted to Sgt in 1976 and then served as Shift Commander until he became a DARE Officer in May of 1989. Retired from full-time work in 2002 but has continued as DARE Officer on a part-time basis.

His hobbies include music, travel, reading, sports and golf.

Deputy Sara Jenaman

Graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in April 2004. She has been working as a full-time deputy in the jail since June 2005. She graduated from DARE Officer Training in October 2010 and has been teaching DARE since.

Beginning July 1st 2012 Deputy Sara Jenaman will be doing DARE/SRO (School Resource Officer) on a full time basis.