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An individual who has been charged, but not convicted, is presumed innocent. Although Crime Stoppers will make every effort to regularly update the accuracy of this list, only law enforcement has the ability to ascertain the real-time validity of an existing warrant. In light of that fact, as well as the deep concern for public safety, please make no effort to attempt to apprehend or confront these individuals.

Crime Stoppers - Help stop crime in your neighborhood

Be a Crime Stopper, Give us a Clue

Anyone with information about a crime can call Crime Stoppers and give their clues to the officer/operator on duty. All callers may remain anonymous, identified only by a code number.

If the clue leads to an arrest, a cash reward of up to $1,000 may be given. The Crime Stoppers citizen board judges the value of the information and decides the amount of the reward.

Crime Stoppers

  • Local Phone: 563-588-0714
  • Alternate Phone; 800-747-0117