Board of Health


  • Tom Bechen, Chair
  • Diane Pape-Freiburger, RN MSN, Vice-Chair
  • Adam Hoffman
  • Katie Jones

Board of Health Contact Info (PDF)

  • Dr. Hendirk Schultz, MD
  • Amy Crow Sunleaf
  • 3 Vacancies

Agendas and Minutes

Board Overview

The Dubuque County Board of Health is appointed by the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors and is the policy making board for the Dubuque County Health Department.


The mission of the Dubuque County Board of Health is to promote and advance healthy behaviors and environments in order to reduce the risk of disease, injury, disability and premature death. The Board may pursue this course of action through the direct provision of services or by forging public/private partnerships.

Board Functions

The major functions of the Board include assessment, policy development and assurance. Assessment involves the collection, analysis and dissemination of establishment and communication of health priorities using broad-based community input. Assurance involves the County Board of Health’s approach to implementation of the community’s identified health priorities. Implementation may involve the direct provision of service by the County Health Department, contracting for service or merely facilitating other organizations with the County to undertake a needed service.