Mental Health and Disability Services

Your Life Iowa Crisis Line

The East Central Region now uses Your Life Iowa as the statewide crisis line, making free crisis calls and text available to anyone in Iowa.

Effective July 1st the Iowa Help Line phone number will roll over to Your Life Iowa. The service remains the same, but with a different number.

Your Life Iowa provides free information and referral, counseling, crisis service coordination, and linkages to crisis screening and mental health services 24 hours a day.

CALL 855-581-8111 or TEXT 855-895-8398

We are Seeking Disability Experts!

Dubuque County seeks disability experts to apply to be on the Disabilities Council to provide guidance on how the County can improve its responses to people with disabilities.  The County seeks applicants that are Dubuque County residents that have lived experiences of having a disability, including intellectual disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, brain health, and age-related disabilities, family caregivers, and advocacy leaders.  Accessible meeting supports will be provided for full participation. All are welcome.  Will be exciting!

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Dubuque County Celebrates You

Dubuque County celebrates all people that live within our County limits, with a growing population nearing 100,000. People with disabilities add value to our community, and here at Dubuque County, we strive to ensure that people with disabilities across the lifespan have an array of quality services to help them lead purposeful and quality lives. The Department of Mental Health and Disability Services exists to support these efforts.

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Dubuque County’s Department of Mental Health and Disability Services and the East Central Region help clients with:

  • Completing and processing applications for local services offered by ECR Mental Health and Disability Services
  • Providing information and answering questions about available regional services, including crisis and stabilization services, mental health services, and services that help people in stabilizing rent, transportation, respite, lifeline and transitional housing and more, often through a brain health perspective
  • Making sure that needed services are in place and ready to help when help is needed.

Please visit the East Central Region (ECR) website for key information on these services, how to apply for them, and links to related information.

Dubuque County and ECR’s Brain Health Initiative

The East Central Region – including Dubuque County – has been developing Brain Health initiatives to help people in our region lead stabilized lives.  What is Brain Health?  Brain health reflects the significant social and personal barriers that people encounter when trying to succeed. If we can remove these barriers, then we are advancing opportunities for people to be on a path towards long-term success. 

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